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Not a Bug

Post by Andy » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:40 pm

Not a Bug:

Sons of Hodir - Can't see quartermaster, can't interact, can't see anvil, Jormuttar is Soo Fat quest

Can't start Argent Tournament Quest line - I have ran all over dalaran, can't find any npcs to give me the quest.

Can't start Preparations for War Icecrown Quest line
  • The quest becomes available once you learn Cold Weather Flying.

I can't seem to loot and I can't see the dead body of the mob.

I can't seem to loot Restored Quel'Delar or the monster has empty loot.
  • Please leave the raid group before looting. redo the quest

I can't seem to add points on my talent? i tried relogged and reset talents.
  • Disable Addons, one of them is causing the issue

I can't find ?
  • It's rare mount and you have to wait around 2-8 hours for he's spawn.

I can't use the same minor glyph on my 2nd spec.
  • Please relog your character and after you should be able to apply the glyph.

I can't add any major glyphs.
  • Disable ELVUI Addon and try again.

I am wearing Wyrmrest Accord Tabard / Kirin Tor Tabard / Ebon Blade Tabard but i am not gaining rep in the dungeon.
  • For the Record, every mob in heroic mode grants rep towards the Alliance Vanguard/Horde Expedition. Wearing this, the wyrmrest accord, Kirin Tor or the Ebon Blade tabard CONVERTS that rep to the faction whose tabard you're wearing. List of dungeons that give rep:
  • Utgarde Pinnacle (norm)
  • Culling of Stratholme (norm)
  • Oculus (norm)
  • Halls of Lightning (norm)
  • All Northrend Heroic instances.

[Quest] A Rough Ride - Can't see the npc? Npc is not available.

[Quest] Magic Carpet Ride - Blank Quest when you talk to the npc.
  • You have to complete it first - Read what Quest said: ''Talk to Yanni at Warsong Hold to arrange safe travel to the coast. Speak to Gorge the Corpsegrinder once you arrive at Garrosh's Landing.''

[Quest] Escape from Durnholde - Thrall is not giving option for escort.
  • Remember that you must kill the first boss. If not Thrall will ignore you.

[Quest] Bones and Arrows - required item 'Quiver of Dragonbone Arrow's doesn't seem to drop
  • You can do the quest only if your faction has conquered Wintergrasp.
  • If the Horde conquered the city you can't get the questitems as an ally.
  • If the Alliance has conquered the city, the Horde cannot receive these quest items.

[Quest] Hellfire Fortifications - I am at the tower (alliance controlled) but i don't get the credit.
  • You CANNOT already control the base to get credit. It must NOT belong to your faction to get the credit, despite the fact that you can stand there and let the timer count down. if you do this and your faction already is in control, you don't get credit.

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Re: Not a Bug

Post by Andy » Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:57 pm


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