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[H] Skill Capped Recruitment Page

Post by Karn » Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:12 pm

Welcome to the home of Skill Capped. We are an active PVE-focused guild that has been around for years, and we are moving over to WoWGo server and are now open to recruitment.

Most of our core members are experienced veterans with in-depth knowledge about the game and all of the end-game content in WOTLK. We are patient, chill and willing to help each other out, so we are generally looking for like-minded players who are first and foremost active and genuinely interested in the game. While we are mainly focused on clearing end-game content like ICC and RS, Skill Capped is also a community space where you can also find people to grind rdfs, chat and just hang out with. We are also the only guild in this server who has LK 25NM on farm.

We are accepting all English-speaking players who can play often at our time, which is Standard Singapore Time, or UTC/GMT +8. So if you think you are a right fit for us, feel free to apply at https://bit.ly/skillcappedwow or whisper us in game. You can find who to whisper at the bottom of this post.

- We are looking for active raiders who can join us.

- You MUST have Discord. You do not need a working mic, you just need to listen to the Raid Leaders.

- You must be co-operative and listen to the Raid Leaders. Constantly look for ways to improve your skills, be willing to learn and have a good attitude. This is more important than having good gear.

1. Respect all guild members. Any form of rude or disrespectful behaviour will result in a Guild kick.

2. If you want to be accepted into raids, please meet our gear requirements set for that particular raid and be gemmed and enchanted (Gear Score for raids are subject to the discretion of the Raid Leader).

3. We use DKP Loot System for all our Guild raids (Minimum bid is 20 with minimum increments of 20).

Raiding Schedule:
To be confirmed in the future.

Our Current Progression:
12/12 25NM ICC (Server First)
12/12 10NM ICC
12/12 ICC10 HC (Server First)
4/4 RS10NM
4/4 RS25NM (Server First)
5/5 TOC25 (Server First)
5/5 TOGC10 50/50 (Server First)

Here is a picture of our first ICC25NM LK kill:
How to join the Guild:
Feel free to whisper the following people listed below if you are interested:

GM: Cupcakeninja, Vexatedsoul or Rektumknight

If you do not get a response, do apply on our Guild discord at:

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Re: Skill Capped Recruitment Page

Post by 300MsOnly » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:23 am

Wow insane guild! :lol: :o :o :o :lol:

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