September 11, 2019 - Server Update Changelog

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September 11, 2019 - Server Update Changelog

Post by Andy » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:42 pm

September 11, 2019 - Server Update Changelog

  • Triple Gold Reward for Quest and Drop
When: September 11, 2019 - October 1, 2019

  • You can now AFK in Dalaran and not get kicked out to Character Selection screen

  • The Sons of Hodir Revamped
  • King Jokkum is now only visible in phase 4 in Dun Niffelem
  • Quest "Battling the Elements"
  • Reduce respawn time from 300 to 10 seconds for the Seething Revenants
  • Change faction to "Sons of Hodir" for the Frost Giant Stormheralds (they are trying to cool the anvil) and remove one of them who stands too far away from the anvil
  • Quest "In Memoriam": Apply correct phase mask to the Horn Fragments (otherwise the quest cannot be completed)
  • Ensure that the quest "A Monument to the Fallen" has to be finished before "Blowing Hodir's Horn" becomes available
  • Hide "Hodir's Helm", "Hodir's Spear" and "Hodir's Horn" until their quests have been finished
  • Quest "Forging a Head": The Dead Iron Giants will now randomly spawn either 3 Stormforged Ambushers (with correct emote text) or add 2 Fireforged Eyes to the players inventory
  • Add the small event playing after the quest "Raising Hodir's Spear" is rewarded
  • Add the sparkle effect on Hodir's Helm after the quest "Polishing the Helm" is rewarded

  • Gimorak's Den Revamped
  • Fix spell "Jormungar Bite" to target enemies (otherwise the jormungars just damage themselves)
  • Add a few more Cavedweller Worgs to fight against the jormungars and bolster their numbers in the worg lair (they are necessary for the quest "Emergency Measures")
  • Add a few more Cave Mushrooms for quest "Cave Medicine"
  • Add "Permanent Feign Death" to 3 of the jormungars in the worg lair and add a "feeding" emote to the worgs adjacent to them

  • Fixed "Taming the Beast" hunter quests
  • Ensure that the creature is only charmed after channeling the spell for the full time (as it was before it was charmed even when interrupting the spell).
  • Force despawn after the creature is dismissed (either manually or when the spell runs out or when the creature is out of range). This ensures that it is correctly reset by respawning it at it's home position after 5 minutes.
  • The creature should not despawn after the quest is turned in. Instead the player gets a qualified error message when trying to tame a new creature while still having the old one.

  • Fixed Stoneskin Gargoyle - Naxxramas
  • Fix the Stoneskin Gargoyles in Naxxramas leaving their Stoneskin form (actually their submerged stand state) when attacking.
  • Add a few waypoints to the path of the gargoyle patrolling the stairs in order to prevent bunny-hopping.

  • Fixed Thrym NPC
  • Set Thrym active in order to allow him to continue on his path even if no player is near. This creature like the other giant wandering outdoor creatures (Fel Reavers, Storm Giants etc.) should pose a threat to the player if he stands in their way.

  • Fixed Quest "Keeping Pace" (Zamek's Distraction)
  • Fix the quest "Keeping Pace", as it was missing the small event taking place when you ask Zamek about the distraction.

  • Add random movement to Stoic Mammoth & Roaming Jormungar

  • Add random movement to critters in "Pit of Saron"

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