July 3, 2019 - Server Update Changelog

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July 3, 2019 - Server Update Changelog

Post by Andy » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:31 am

July 3, 2019 - Server Update Changelog

* Double XP Event is over back to 10x XP

* Achievements are now Account-wide.
Facebook Poll results: here

* You can now Transmog different weapon types:
Facebook Poll results: here
Axe to be transmogrified with Dagger.
* Repairs are now 50% cheaper
Facebook Poll results: here

* 3x Experience rate for honorable kills in battlegrounds
Facebook Poll results: here

* Wintergrasp
- Flame breath on Catapult is now enabled
- Fixed Spam announcements
* Removed Classic PVP Titles until its fixed

* Added Premium Item - Book of Powers
Available via Cash Shop/Donation: here

* Added Limited Transmog - https://www.wowhead.com/item=22691/corrupted-ashbringer
Available via Cash Shop/Donation: here
Will be removed from the shop on July 9,2019.
"You will never be able to cleanse the Corrupted Ashbringer."

* Naxxramas Overhaul
- Added areatrigger will become active a few seconds after the group reaches his platform, and should be tanked in the center of the platform where he is, but slightly forward so that there is room for the raid to see where to run on either side of him during the Polarity Shifts.
- Added screams
- Added missing pharases/texts.
Stalagg and Feugen
- Shock should now be be casted by both Coils if bosses are away from them.
- now pulls adds if you don't kill them before and fixed frenzy timer.
- Added missing pharases/texts.
- now pulls his chamber adds if they are not killed when combat begins
- now pulls his chamber adds if they are not killed when combat begins
- now talks after killing main bosses (Thaddius, Maexxna, Four Horsemen and Loatheb).
- Added other missing conversation/texts.
- Added missing pharases/texts.
- Added missing pharases/texts.
- Added missing pharases/texts.
- Added missing pharases/texts.
Noth the Plaguebringer
- Added missing pharases/texts.
- Added missing pharases/texts.
- All left spores will now despawn upon boss death or reset.
- Fixed Necrotic Aura's timer.
- New method of spawning spores, we don't have to share them with deathbloom as it has different timer.
- Boss now evades if pulled outside the combat area.
- Added missing pharases/texts.
* Bug Fixes
Haunted Memento
- Will spawn a ghost who will follow the player around slowly for a few seconds and then despawns. It will respawn every few minutes as long as the player has the aura "Haunted".
Mature Netherwing Drake
- After eating, Mature Netherwing Drake will fly back into the air.
Battle for the Undercity
- Cast the buffs from Thrall and Wrynn on themselves instead of the player. This prevents interrupting spellcasting of the player during battle.
Holy Priest Tier 5 Greater Heal
- Fixed Refund proc
Arena Vendors
- Adding two missing npc's Drolig and Drelig Blastpipe in Shattrah, They re located in the Scryer's Tier and Aldor Rise.
-When the Ulathek aggro (Say text), the two creatures who are at the entrance should attack instantly player too
Living & Mature lasher
-Fixed issue with movements for these creatures.
Mini Diablo, Panda Cub, Sleepy Willy
-Mini Diablo: Add aura "Diablo" which causes the pet to cast a flame spell every 12 minutes
-Panda Cub: Add aura "Sleepy Pet" to allow it to occasionally fall asleep; sometimes uses "Roar" after awakening
-Sleepy Willy: Disable fly / hover as this was also not the case originally; let the pet fall asleep occasionally
Argent Dawn trinkets
- Argent War Horn: Summon correct version of "Argent Knight" for Horde / Alliance
- Argent Dawn Banner: Set "Argent Dawn Banner (Visual)" not selectable
- Argent Tome: Summon the Argent Tome and cast "Argent Wisdom" as it opens

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